Eel shop in Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi "Unagino Kagawa".
We found in other proprietary methods (lava stone ware), crispy outside and the "shirayaki" that is in.


Latest announcements

2018On February 26. : Temporarily closed
It will always be indebted.
Urgent please excuse me...
Due to the2-27(Fire)From 3/1(Wood)The temporary closureAs an authorised.
The 3/2.(Gold)Than the usual Street will be open so please _(._.)_

2018On February 22. : New price
Dear valued customers,
The price hike is from 3/1
Only the home page
Today, new price(Tax not included)In a submitted update.

* The unknown calls directly, the US would be helpful.

2018On February 16. : Announcements
You visit us always, thank you for.
The hotel is in a very difficult announcement.
Due to the soaring cost of eel
3/1(Wood)MoretheWe will increase.
Customer satisfaction with product
We offer we want to.
Thank your continued patronage.
2017December 27. : 年末年始
Year-end/new year holiday sales
Is able to finish safely operating this year.
Thank you for the(^▽^)/

12-29-1/1.Absence from work

New year 2 daySales
1July 2-4--Novo.

Thank you m(__)m
2017December 15th. : Announcements(the ^ — ^)
Bus gone, Miss-
Because it was a manual car, and
Even the attachment...

Well, this year it is after half a month.
Every year it is the 12/23-1/10 from Japanese-style set, full course will be off.
The 1/2-limited menu configuration for 4 days until the new year, we have not received the book.
For more information, please contact us.